Thanks for shopping with us. Click the various links below to view our products. Please note that as indicated when you view each of the standard shirt designs, that you can choose between White T-shirts or White hooded sweatshirts. You are more than welcome to send us your own item to paint on, however it may cost more. Please call us at 513-671-0758 to talk with an artist about your different options, or email us at with all the details of what you are looking to get painted….Remember, If you don’t see something you like, call us and we can help you design something of your own.

Also…check out our Photo transfer shirt choices below.

These shirts are great for someone who just wants a simple image like a photo or logo on a shirt with no added words or decorations.


These shirts are designed with the lettering as part of the transfer. You can choose the color of the type. Email us for typestyle choices.


These shirts include the transfer along with up to 4 airbrushed words. You also get to choose colors to go around the design.