These are our Studio Policies

Due to the nature of this business Anything Airbrushed CAN NOT accept returns.

1.) It is the responsibility of our customers to check the order form for any mistakes in color, size, spelling and any other information that is needed to complete the order to their satisfaction.

2.) Since each item we produce is a custom one of a kind hand painted product. The finished item will be the artists depiction of the design and specifications described on the order form. Since these are custom personalized items they are non-refundable and non-returnable.

3.) We go to the greatest lengths to complete each order to the customers satisfaction. We will accept full responsibility for any and all mistakes that our artists make.....we also EXPECT our customers to do the same when it comes to their mistakes.

4.) Once a mistake is discovered we will try our best to fix it to the customers satisfaction. However we also EXPECT our customer to understand that some mistakes may not be able to be fixed and the order may have to be re-done. If the mistake was our fault we will fix it at our own cost. If the mistake is the customers fault they can either take it as is or pay for a new one at their own expense.

Placing Orders

Whether it be on the phone, over the internet or in person, please be sure you have provided us with all the information necessary to complete your order to your satisfaction. If the order is taken in person or on the phone, please be sure the artist has written down all the information on the order form correctly. Look over the order form or have the artist read it back to you. If the order is placed through our website, please be sure you have indicated all the necessary information…if you feel something is missing or may not be understood before or after you place the order then please call us at 513-671-0758 or email us at It is YOUR responsibility to make sure we got everything right.

• All orders are paid IN FULL at the time you place the order. Large group orders may place a deposit at the artist discretion….this is the ONLY exception!

Artists, Artwork and pricing …

• As with all hand crafted items ARTIST’S STYLES WILL VARY…which means if you had a shirt done here before it will not look EXACTLY like the first one.

• Artists prices may Vary…For altered standard designs as well as any Custom artwork, Artists prices may vary. Which means if one artist quotes you a price and you do not purchase it at that moment, any other artist is not obligated to honor the other artist’s price unless you were given a hand written quote or emailed a quote. This is due to how busy we are at the time and the skill level of each artist who is working.

• “Artistic License” Does exist in this studio and our artists will use it anytime they feel a piece does not meet the quality we aspire to in our finished products.

• Copyrights and reproduction rights for ALL artwork created and completed by our artists remain the sole property of Anything Airbrushed plus llc unless otherwise agreed upon by written contract between both parties. Which means you can not reproduce, sell or profit in anyway from artwork created by our artists.

Thank you for your understanding

The artists of Anything Airbrushed plus