This page allows you to order and pay for custom artwork of your own design or add-on artwork to an existing purchase.

You must first Call 513-671-0758 or email to speak with an artist who will be able to price your artwork. Once you have received a price for your artwork from one of our artists, return to this page and click on the link below to pay for the artwork or add it to an existing order.

The link below will bring up another page with just artwork prices. Select the price(or combination of prices) that add up to the price that you were quoted by one of our artists. Once you “add to cart” another box will pop up so you can then explain what the artwork is and/or what order it goes with. If you need to select more than one price in order for the amount to add up to the amount that the artist quoted, you only need to fill out one of the dialogue boxes explaining what you want.


Below are some example of “custom artwork” Which pretty much means anything that is NOT one of our standard designs or something that is not done on one of our standard items. This can range anywhere from a favorite saying, a name and number added to the back of a shirt, something airbrushed onto a pair of your jeans, something airbrushed on a pair of your shoes or something more detailed like a portrait, helmet, motorcycle tank etc…